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New for 2017-18, we unveil "Writer's Read". 7th and 8th graders have recorded their best final draft writings of this year with the help and technical savvy of Justin and 8th Grader Oscar Ludwig. The plan is that future 7th and 8th grade classes will re-engage with the spirit of Author's Night, and allow our school community to access the diverse and talented voices of our oldest students' writing via audio link on our website. 
Writers Read! is a response to capture and publicly present more of the extraordinary annual writing of our middle school students. In the early years of our Village Middle School participation in Author’s Night consistently averaged less than half of our Seventh and Eighth graders due to inherent (and developmentally appropriate) self-consciousness germane to the age. Various incentives and cajoling only marginally increased these numbers. In short, Author’s Night while a wonderful evening did not meet the needs or reflect the art of our oldest, most talented students.  In a K-8 school, these developmental challenges are always with us. One size rarely fits all.
The growing interest in digital media offers a platform that can capture our middle school students writing in a way that Author’s Night couldn’t. 2017-18 was our pilot launch of this platform and represents the fulfillment of our long time 7/8 HUM/LA teacher Andy Traisman’s goal to feature more of his students writing.
Our intention is this will become a “go to” destination for those who are interested in hearing what our middle school students are writing about and what they choose to share with their school community.

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