Parent Council

About Parent Council

The Village School Parent Council provides a forum for parents to share ideas and a channel for contributions to the school community. All Village School parents are members of the Parent Council and are invited to attend the monthly meetings. In addition to being a forum for parent discussion and education, the Parent Council fundraises for and supports a variety of projects throughout the school. For example, PC funds helped to build a bike shelter, establish a Parent Resource Library, Provide daily hot tea in the classrooms, fund teacher appreciation day, and much more! Your participation and creative energy is strongly encouraged. Look for information about upcoming meetings in the weekly Village Voice.

Parent Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month, and meetings are posted on the Village School calendar

Contact Parent Council
Email Parent Council at

The Village Vine is a new community forum for families to connect, share, and discuss. This Facebook group is open to all Village School families - click the link above to request to join!

Request for Funds

Parent council oversees the distribution of funds raised by parent council from various schoolwide events, like Dia de Muertos and Heart of the Village. Funds from Parent Council are intended to be spent on projects that benefit the entire school, such as improvements to performances spaces, the playground and the kitchen. If you have an idea that you believe benefits the entire school, please fill out a grant request form and send it to at least 1 week before the next Parent Council Meeting. For requests over $200, submit the request form at least 2 weeks before the next Parent Council Meeting.