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Library Use Agreement

The Village School Library Use Agreement
Every student of The Village School and their parents/guardians have the privilege of using the school library. Students and parents/guardians agree to:

  • Behave in a respectful, appropriate manner while visiting the library.
  • Check out one book (Kindergarten & 1st grade) or two books (2nd-8th grade) at a time.
  • Assume full responsibility for the book and return the book in the same condition.
  • Return the book on time or ask for a renewal.
  • Promptly pay the replacement cost of the book if it is lost, stolen, or returned significantly damaged.
  • Let Ms. Molly know if you have questions or want to help the library.

Please fill out the library use agreement to start use of library:

Make a Payment

Ideally books are returned on time and never get lost, but if they do, please check in with Molly about library fines. 

Online payments are possible with paypal: