Family Information

School to Home Communication

The School Website
The website is maintained through the office.
The Village Voice
Office staff produce a weekly newsletter called Village Voice. It is emailed to families on Fridays. It is also posted on our website,  Village Voice Newsletter . Paper copies are available in the office. 
Family Mailboxes
Every family in the school has one mailbox, listed by the student last name. Flyers, class communication, and other information can be found in your family’s mailbox. Mailboxes are located inside the office. Two-household families can receive two copies of items in the same family mailbox. Please notify the office if you need two copies. Please try to stop by and pick up your mail at least once a week—we like to see you! 
It is important for Village School parents to be closely connected to the progress their children are making at school. To this end, teachers provide information on how the school’s unique curriculum is aligned with the state and national standards. A wide range of opportunities exist that allow parents to review progress and interact with their children’s teachers, through home visits, regular progress reports, semi-annual parent/teacher conferences, district and state assessment results, recommendations for Homework Club (Title I assistance), comprehensive reports and recommendations at the conclusion of each school year, calls home as needed, or recommendations for summer school as needed.

Teachers will inform parents about goings on in the classroom through parent meetings, class newsletters, email lists, blogs, bulletin boards, phone trees, or other methods. Please contact your class teacher and set up a time to meet if you have something that needs attention. 

Some teachers will be available for homework help on the phone in the evening—just ask your class teacher what the policy is in your child’s class if you want to call them at home.

It is very important to notify the office of absences as soon as possible. Notifying the office before 9:00am is greatly appreciated. Unexcused tardies and absences will result in a computer-generated phone call and email to inform student's parents/guardians. If you receive a call or email and your child was absent, please call and excuse the absence with office staff. There is no need to call the office regarding tardies unless you are excusing the tardy based on family emergency, transportation problems, or medical reasons. Tardies resulting in oversleeping, running late, lost keys, etc. are considered unexcused and will result in an automatic call and email, even if you have signed your student in at the front desk.  This notification is for your information.  If you are concerned about a notification that you have received, feel free to contact the office.

Family Handbook

Please refer to the Village School Family Handbook for school procedures and policies:

Sick Child? Lice?

Sick Child Guidelines

Village School Lice Policy
Children with lice must be treated before they may return to school. With cases of lice, the entire class will be checked for lice. Students who have had lice must be checked in the office before returning to class. The school will post notices outside the classroom door if there is lice in that classroom. Students may not return to school until they have NO head lice OR nits present on their heads. This process may take several hours or days.

Student Immunization Rates

Immunization and Exemption Rates  
To provide parents with information to protect their children’s health, Oregon state law now requires school immunization rates to be published, beginning during the 2015–16 school year. Please follow this link to see The Village School's current Immunization and Exemption Rates