Support our Community Service Walk-a-Thon! 
Two hundred Village School students grades 1-8 participated in our 8th annual Community Service Walk-a-Thon. We are just $200 shy of our goal to raise $12,000. Half of this will help The Village Kitchen and our garden. The other half will support the following eight organizations, chosen for their commitment to community values and ecological awareness. At a later date, each class pairs with a group for a service project. The pairings are:

  • 1st Grade: Nearby Nature
  • 2nd Grade: Willamette Resources & Educ. Network
  • 3rd Grade: Food for Lane County Gardens
  • 4th Grade: Eugene Friends of Trees
  • 5th Grade: Walama Restoration
  • 6th Grade: Chintimini Wildlife Rescue
  • 7th Grade: Whole Earth Nature School
  • 8th Grade: Our Children’s Trust
Pledge kits are available in the office, but you also can use our online system,  which allows you to create your own fundraising webpage, and post or email links to it via social media. We encourage parents to help students with their outreach efforts.